BCOE&M 2.7.0: Virtual Judging - Tips for Judges

Here are a few tips for judges to make the virtual judging process as smooth as possible.

Your primary goal, as always, is to provide participants fair and informative feedback on their entries.

Be as descriptive as possible in your evaluation, especially with regard to the overall impression. If you're going to be providing that feedback via an electronic scoresheet, there's exactly zero risk of writer's cramp. So, added bonus!

Make sure you and your judging partner(s) are evaluating the same entry.

Call out the entry number and show the label to your webcam prior to opening any entry.

Judge your assigned entries at the proper temperature.

This may entail frequent trips to the refrigerator and/or allowing sufficient time for entries to warm to proper serving temperature.

Protect your gadgets.

Entries are liquid. Generally, liquids and electronics don't play well together. When opening any entry, do so away from phones, tablets, computers, etc. In fact, open all entries over a dump bucket just in case it's a gusher.

Two different bottles may mean two entirely different overall sensory impressions.

Keep this in mind when discussing your entry's contents vs. your each of your judging partners.

If possible, re-cap all bottles immediately after pouring your initial sample using stoppers.

That said, if you plan on re-visiting any entry, do so as soon as possible to avoid oxidation and carbonation degradation. Shoot for within an hour of opening. The sooner, the better.

Find the most neutral environment to judge your flight of entries as possible, one that is free of distracting aromas, visuals, and sounds.

Use the proper cups and/or glassware.

Make sure it is of the appropriate shape/size. If you are reusing a glass that you rinse it fully with water between each entry.