BCOE&M 2.7.0

What is the Brew Competition Online Entry & Management System?

The Brew Competition Online Entry & Management (BCOE&M) system is an online application to assist homebrew competition hosts (of the beer/mead/cider variety) to collect, store, and output participant and entry data.

One of the biggest challenges of organizing a homebrewing competition is knowing who has entered what and how many come competition day. BCOE&M provides an online interface to collect this information, store it, and output it in various ways for competition organizers to utilize, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Collecting entry information from participants.
  • Defining categories and styles customized to your competition's needs.
  • Facilitating online entry fee payments (via PayPal).
  • Organizing and assigning participants as judges, stewards, and staff.
  • Defining tables/flights and assigning judges and stewards to them.
  • Mobile entry check-in using QR and/or barcodes.
  • Electronic scoresheets for use in virtual and/or in-person judging.
  • 60+ reports for use before, during, and after judging.
  • 20+ data export options.
  • Custom modules for information/functionality unique to your competition.

Who Should Use BCOE&M?

Homebrew competition organizers that wish to a) have an online entry portal that can gather all of the necessary data from participants and their asscoiated entries, b) have a convenient, easy to use application to organize their competition end-to-end.

I'm Sold! Where Can I Get It?

BCOE&M is available in two options: Hosted and Download.

Download Option

The application is available for free, ready for installation on your website's server. The latest versions are housed on GitHub. Archive versions on SourceForge.

BCOE&M is free and open-source.

Download from GitHub

Many Thanks

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